An Über Mess

In German, über means being the best or superlative in its class. It also means to an extreme or excessive degree. Car service app Uber literally has an über mess on their hands as a result of a blog post by one of their former Engineers, Susan J. Fowler. On February 19, she posted a […]

Pro Bono Posting: Manager of Education – Nantucket Historical Association

Love bringing history to life for youth of all ages? Able to connect Common Core and state standards to interactive museum learning and lesson plans? Enjoy creating family-oriented programs, crafts and activities for all occasions? Want to work for a great cause?    We may have the perfect job for you!   The Nantucket Historical […]

Onboard or Onward: Ensuring the Success of Your New Executive Hire

“About 40% of executives who change jobs or get promoted fail in the first 18 months.” Fortune Magazine Where does it all go wrong? Too often, the onboarding process is where things fall apart. I am not talking about “orientation”, which often is done day one and generally involves the basics of assigning a building […]